From the manufacturing process to the finished food product: Certified quality from Germany

The DLG Seal "MADE IN GERMANY" stands for quality throughout the manufacturing process up to the checked food product from Germany. All over the world, it offers safety and guidance by ensuring that manufacturing processes and product quality are in line with German quality standards.

The DLG Seal "MADE IN GERMANY" is only assigned after comprehensive checks have assured the food product’s impeccable analytical quality. The manufacturing process is certified in line with DLG’s quality standard and right on the production site.


Manufacturing & product
The experts of DLG do not just check the food product, but they also monitor and certify its manufacturing process in Germany.

Control number
Every product has been checked analytically. In addition, the manufacturing process has been monitored and certified. You may check this by entering the control number on the website.

The food product has been manufactured in Germany. The manufacturing process and the quality of the food products have been certified and checked according to German quality standards.


The importance of ”MADE IN GERMANY“ for food products

"Made in Germany" is a quality seal for safe, authentic and high-quality German food, which is generally intended to be marketed on non-European target markets. More...