Food products carrying the seal "MADE IN GERMANY" have undergone comprehensive quality testing by the experts of DLG TestService GmbH. The production in Germany has been ascertained; the manufacturing process has been certified in line with German quality standards, and the products have been checked according to stringent quality requirements in a laboratory as well as by a neutral panel of expert tasters.

DLG TestService GmbH has developed a standardized certification and testing procedure for the DLG Seal. It adheres to the strict requirements of German quality standards and comprises two steps:


Certification of the manufacturing process

  • Assertion of the production in Germany
  • Inspection of all production sites involved in the manufacturing process
  • Quality standards defined by the experts of DLG (sustainability, best practices, social responsability)
  • Transparency, safety and traceability of the production
  • Sensory evaluation and analytical checks in the course of the manufacturing process


Checking of the food product

  • Up-to-date scientific test criteria
  • Sensory evaluation and analytical tests by experts
  • Evaluation of the food products by using neutralized samples, hiding the manufacturer’s identity
  • Product-specific laboratory tests, such as authenticity checks and residue analysis